Koolitused maailmas

  • WORLD CONGRESS ON OSTEOPOROSIS, OSTEOARTHRITIS AND MUSCULOSKELETAL DISEASES 4.-7.04.2019 Pariis, Prantsusmaa http://www.wco-iof-esceo.org/
  • 15th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation (EFRR) together with 28th Reha-Kolloquium, German Congress for Rehabilitation Research ” Rehabilitation – Shaping healthcare for the future” 15.-17.aprill 2019 Berliin, Saksamaa http://www.efrr2019.com/
  • 13th ISPRM World Congress, 9.-13. juuni 2019 Kobe, Jaapan
  • Pain in Europe XI – the 11th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC®  ‘Bring the Future to the Present’ 4.-7.september 2019 Valencia, Hispaania  http://efic-congress.org/#
  • The Baltic & North Sea Forum on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (BNF-PRM) & Research Centre for Habilitation and Rehabilitation Models & Services Conferences on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine: Rehabilitation towards future health and participation 9.-10.oktoober 2019 Oslo, Norra http://www.med.uio.no/helsam/english/research/groups/charm/events/bnc2019.html
  • 22th European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ESPRM) mai 2020 Belgrad, Serbia http://www.esprm2020.com/