A.Uriko Treqatment of dysphagia


A.Kasmel Whose life and whose rights

A.Nikitina, T.Rohumäe Estonian soldiers rehabilitation after mission in Afganistan

A.Nulle, A.Vetra PRM and Social rehabilitation in Latvia_5

A.Seimar Treatment of Burns

A.Vetra Early Rehabilitation for children with developmental disorders

C.Gutenbrunner Baltic and North Sea Forum info

C.Gutenbrunner Functional assesment

E.Sooba PRM in Estonia med rehab

J.Bugakin Assessing and developing ability to work

M. Runno Psycho-social rehabilitation in Estonia BAR 17.09.10

M.Parmak PTSD

P. R. Lepik, H.Maas Lokomat therapy and FES

P.M.Nilsson Early vascular ageing )EVA- perspectives on prevention and rehabilitation.pdf

R.Kerpe The role of foot muscular tone evaluation for the weight pressure distribution in the patient with type I diabetes mellitus

R.S.Ward Rehabilitation of patients with burns

risk assessment scales

S.Talo Workshop Biopsychological ICF model

T.Rekand Optimizing urological management in neurorehabilitation Workshop

V.R.Tuulik Leisi Rehabilitation Network in Estonia

V.Volke Role of exercise in the management of diabetes

Marincek amputations

Some photos

Photos from House of  Blackhead Brotherhoods, Tallinn: