About Tallinn

Welcome to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia!

In 1154 the Arabian geographer Al Idrisi put Tallinn on his map under the name Kolõvan. Tallinn is well-known for the medieval Old City which is also in the list of historical heritage of UNESCO. The wonderful view of the castle Toompea, red roofs of old houses and towers of churches could be seen arriving Tallinn by boat. Situated on the southern bank of the Finnish Gulf trading has always been an important part of it´s success and Tallinn is an old Hansa town. At the same time Tallinn is a modern city with interesting culture life. Different performances, concerts and exhibitions take place every day. The most unique event is Song Festival when over 30 000 singers of choirs from all over Estonia have concerts during two days on the Song Festival Ground. The audience 100 000 to 150 000 people come to enjoy their singing and sometimes everybody on the Ground sing together. In 2011 Tallinn will be one of the Culture Capitals of Europe. Tallinn is also an important center of education, science and economic life of Estonia. The population of Tallinn is about 400 000, together with the suburbs about a half million.