Physical Agents in Rehabilitation


Oct 4.-5. 2018

Estonian National Museum, Tartu

Lecturer: Michelle Cameron MD, PT  Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Oregon Health & Science University


Oct. 4th


  1. Electrical stimulation for critically ill patients
  • intensive care
  • after cardiothoracic surgery
  • heart failure
  1. Electrical stimulation for pain control

12.-00-13.00  Lunch

  1. Updates or basics of electrical stimulation, ultrasound and/or lasers in rehabilitation
  2. Indications and contraindications of physical therapy in patients with  cancer


 Oct. 5th


  1. Falls and imbalance in multiple sclerosis
  2. Cannabinoids in multiple sclerosis
  3. Physical agents for wound management

12.00-13.00 Lunch

  1. Hands-on practical lessons


Participation fee: 

For members of Estonian Society of PRM Doctors: 2 days 70.-/ 1 day 40.- 

For non-members:2 days 110.-/ 1 day 50.-

Student/PhD student:2 days 50.-/ 1 day 30.-

For members of Estonian Society of Physiotherapists:2 days 95 .-, one day 43 .-

From 29.09.2018 –for all participants 150.-


Participation fee should be transferred to the account of the Estonian Society of PRM Doctors EE022200221020164763

Please register at tiina@who.net.

For the receipt we need the following details: name of the participant, name of the billing institution/person, billing address and e-mail.

We will be expecting a high rate of participation since the lecturer is an outstanding specialist and an author of a large number of scientific  publications.